Efficient Way of Hiring Software Professionals

Relevance | Hiring Methods | Available Tools | Decision Making

18th July, 2019

03:00 PM (India Time)


This Webinar will help you understand:

  • Relevance of coding assessments while hiring software engineers. 
  • Various method's of coding assessments - Pro's & Con's
  • Available tools to assess coding skills
  • Effective decission making using the outcomes from the coding assessments
  • Leveraging coding assessment tools to your organisational advantage.

Who should attend this Webinar?

Attend this Webinar if you are...

A Human Resource Professional who has anything to do with -  Campus Hiring, Candidate Sourcing, Recruitment, Staffing, Talent Acquisition, Resource & Capacity Planning, Resource Deployment Manager, HR Manager, HR Head, CHRO, CPO / A Technology Professional - Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Technology Manager.


Shubham Agrawal is a senior engineering leader, currently leading engineering with one of the top multinational product companies. He has worked on various technologies and domains and helped organisations scale people and technology. He loves discussing new ideas in leadership, technology and statesmanship.  

Shubham K Agrawal

Engineering Leader, Microsoft